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Hastings Football History was created in 2015 with the aim of going through the history of Hastings United and Hastings Town season by season; listing results, attendances and players who’ve appeared over the years, with snippets of other local information thrown in. Though the early seasons were researched and published, it was the other local teams that got more attention, with the brief history of the previously unfamiliar Hastings & St Leonards United and histories of the Hastings and East Sussex Leagues gaining most attention. However, it is still intended to research into and publish the complete history of Hastings United and Hastings Town.

If you’re interested in local history, a football fan, involved in the game locally or merely browsing, whatever your motive hopefully you’ll find Hastings Football History interesting or useful. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to get in contact with any queries.

Able to help?

Since setting up Hastings Football History, many people have been kind enough to share old league tables, photographs and matchday programmes to help fill the many gaps. If you happen to have any information you don’t mind sharing that would be fantastic and much appreciated, all contributors are credited.


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Thanks to the following people...

Aaron Hill

Aaron kindly sent over old East Sussex, Eastbourne & Hastings and Southern Counties Combination league tables.

Alun Thomas

Alun has been researching into the history of Hailsham Town FC and has kindly sent over final tables of the Southern Counties Combination between 1972-1975.

David Bauckham

David founded the popular Nomad Online website in 2000 (linked above) and currently runs a fantastic football blog, which has featured several local clubs. David was kind enough to send his collection of Bob Lilliman photos of Sussex grounds which used to feature on Nomad Online.

David Mayne

David is fixtures and registrations secretary for Icklesham Casuals, whilst also involved at the Hastings & District Football Association. David has been putting a lot of work into the Hastings FA fulltime website and kindly sent over old Hastings League tables.

Jenny Clemens

Jenny generously sent photos from the collection of her late father, Vic Pain. Vic played for Hastings & St Leonards and Old Hastonians during the 1920s/30s.

Paula Monk

Many thanks to Paula who sent photos from the collection of Cyril Clarke, her late uncle.

Simon Stoddart

Simon is a long time Hastings supporter with a great collection of photos taken by himself; also stored away are old VHS tapes of match action captured in the early 2000s which were sold in the club shop, hopefully one day these will be converted in digital format. Thanks to Simon for allowing his images to be shared on Hastings Football History.

Tony Rolt

Thank you to Tony for providing information on the 1958-59 East Sussex League season.

Vernon Couchman

Vernon has kindly allowed photos from his brilliant collection to be shared, some of which you might find on his Twitter account set up to share old matchday programmes. A website is currently being worked on.

Other links

Some links to websites and social media focussing on local history and football...